Blue Runner SwitchGear Testing, LLC offers infrared scanning services across a wide range of industries. Thermal Imaging is a valuable tool in the detection of problem areas within both electrical and mechanical systems. Our technicians use FLIR thermal imaging cameras and have conducted hundreds of infrared scans and in the process have saved clients significant sums, by identifying problem areas before they result in lost production or damage to equipment.

Infrared Scanning can be used to identify problem areas in fuses, disconnects, plant bus, transformer bushings, oil level problems, motor starters, switchgear, cables, bearings, loose connections, circuit breakers, capacitor banks, furnace heat loss, and many other areas.

What are the benefits of Infrared Thermography?

Thermographic images of electrical systems can detect abnormally hot electrical connections or components. Infrared saves money by avoiding business downtime and assuring efficiency in operations. Through use of the thermal image, comparisons can be made to later inspections or faults can be prioritized for managing lean maintenance budgets. Infrared also gives you the reporting and documentation capabilities that traditional inspection methods can’t provide.

Electrical Inspections:

In electrical systems, excessive heat is a sign of impending trouble. High temperatures indicate excessive electrical resistance, failing components, ground faults, short circuits or other common problems in electric equipment that can lead to expensive or even catastrophic failures. Infrared Scanning is also instrumental tool in a substation maintenance program.

What Is Thermal Imaging?

What is Thermal Imaging or Infrared Thermography?

An infrared camera processes infrared light waves, unlike our eyes, and produces a thermal (heat) image of an object. For all objects which emit a heat signature that is measurable, we can use an infrared camera to capture its thermal image.