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One of the most overlooked areas in equipment reliability programs is the electrical system that supplies power to production equipment. A faulty electrical system can put an entire plant out of operation, but yet it gets less attention than individual production equipment. Many manufacturing plants spend thousands of dollars to care for plant production equipment but spend little, if any on the electrical infrastructure of the plant.

Many people have a false sense of security about their electrical system. They have not experienced problems in the past.

Unfortunately, with the electrical system you won’t know if you have a problem until a fault develops in your system and it results in an arc flash, blown bus bar, a circuit breaker melt down, or worse, a fire.

Proper electrical maintenance involves a lot more than just tightening loose connections. An electrical system requires cleaning, lubrication, linkage adjustment, and electrical testing. If your system has ground faults they should be electrically tested and calibrated.

Don’t wait for a power outage before getting serious about electrical preventative maintenance.

We provide a full-line of electrical testing and preventative maintenance services aimed at helping our clients maintain the integrity of their electrical systems. We offer on-site testing or shop service for your spare breakers. We’ll pick up your circuit breakers, service them and return them along with an engineered test report. Breaker reconditioning and Solid State trip unit upgrades also available to extend the life of the circuit breaker.

Annual Preventative Maintenance and Electrical Testing!

  • Thermal imaging sevices
  • Switchgear preventative maintenance & cleaning
  • Breaker contact resistance
  • Maintenance of Pringle and bolted pressure switches
  • Visual inspection of switchgear controls
  • Transformer visual inspection and oil analysis
  • Electrical testing of circuit breakers
  • Electrical testing of transformers and tap changers
  • Operational testing of ground faults systems
  • Insulation testing of all types of electrical equipment
  • Relay testing of all types of control relays

Written Electrical Safety Program

Blue Runner can write or assist with the implementation of an Electrical Safety Program which should be a part of your site’s overall occupational health and safety management system, when one exists. The Electrical Safety Program will direct activity appropriate to the risk associated with electrical hazards at your site.

Program Development Process

  1. Blue Runner will visit your site to meet your team, discuss your operations, walk through your facility, and get an understanding of your specific needs. Existing policies will be collected and discussed, when applicable.
  2. Blue Runner will write an Electrical Safety Program for your sites specific needs.
  3. Blue Runner will present the program to your safety management and key staff.

Program Components:

  • Electrical Safety Procedures
  • Risk Assessment Procedures
  • Job Briefing and Energized Work Procedures
  • Lock Out, Tag Out Policy
  • Electrical Safety Auditing Plan
  • Training Program Plan


  • Written Electrical Safety Program
    • Lock Out Policy
    • Job Briefing Form
    • Energized Work Permit

Related Service – Program Audit

Codes and standards are periodically updated and Blue Runner can audit your existing program to “to verify that the principles and procedures of the electrical safety program are in compliance” as required by Article 110.1(I) every three years.